The Weirdest Music On The Internet


(if it counts as "music" at all...)



What is Watercolor?


Most probably, you know what DJ Set is. A kind of music in which certain songs not only follow each other but they're also mixed. If it's performed right, perhaps you can't even notice when one of the songs end and another one starts. They happen at the same time. But, can a DJ Set contain any kind of music while all the tracks fade in and out - pop in and out?


Most probably, you know what Mashup is. A kind of music in which two (or three) songs of entirely different music genres are mixed together. If performed right, you can enjoy a suprising combination you've never ever imagined before. But, can a Mashup contain many songs?



What would happen if DJ Set and Mashup mated and had a baby?


Take a look at this baby, take a look at her. (Especially, since neither DJ Set nor Mashup cares about her, I think.)

She has the mixing style of DJ Set. She also has the intriguing combinations of Mashup. But, more than twenty-five parts of different songs, of different genres, mixed together in merely five minutes?

Now, that's Watercolor!


An incredible kind of music never ever heard before!


Click HERE to download plenty of Watercolor tracks (for free, of course), or use the picture above for doing this, reading the tracklists or, getting some additional information.





Watercolor as a game...


Since Watercolor was originally a game it still can be played as well.

Download any of them without reading the track list. Listen it twice and try to recognise as many songs as you can. Name the artist and the title of the song - you score 1 point for both of them. Read the track list afterwards and check your points. Trust me, a performance of 50% is a great score!

(Some of the tracks are native to my country so if you live somewhere else, you'll have little to zero chance to name those. Don't care.)


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