These resources can help you solve the game.

They're either available for free or they're highly likely on your computer anyway.



Making notes


As a browser-based game which collects no information on the players, we strongly recommend you make notes on every level you reach. Write down at least the name of the level (alongside with its path) so that you can re-visit them later. (Which may be necessary as the game progresses.)

For this, you can use Notepad any document editor (e.g. MS Word) or table editor (e.g. Excel) - a lot of players prefer the latest one. Using online surfacces (such as GoogleDocs) are popular, too.



Editing pictures


You can choose from a lot of possibilities. Here are some:

- Inkscape - free to download; MacOS, Windows, Linux

- GIMP - free to download open-source, some say it's the definitive free tool for image editing; MacOS, Windows, Linux

- PaintNet - free to download; Windows

- Pixlr E - online; logging in is optional

- Photopea - online; works on cell phones, too

- Snapseed - Available in GooglePlay

- EzGif - online; this one is for working with .gif files fast

- Jeffrey's Image Metadata Viewer - online; this one is for checking the metadata of images

- ImgOps - if you have no idea what to do with a picture, this is an online tool which recommends you tons of ...other online tools!



Editing sounds


For sound editing, checking the properties etc. use the mp3 files. By default, the game plays the opus files, they provide better quality. In case these can't be played on your device, the mp3 files are played. There are a lot of possibilities for editing sounds, too.

- Audacity - free to download, open-source; MacOS, Windows, Linux

- Ocenaudio - free to download, easier to use; MacOS, Windows, Linux

- WaveEditor - for Android

- - this is not a sound editor; it's for checking the properties of a sound file, such as title, author, genre etc.



Remember that you don't have to be an expert at image or sound editing. You'll only need to do basic things, such as adjusting the brightness of a picture. Also, on most levels, you won't need anything else but your brain and your browser.


There are other tools which may be useful, but not necessary. These are not detailed here, because doing so would spoil the fun. Nevertheless, if you have no idea what to do with a certain kind of file, you can still search for some answers on the Internet, can't you?


Finally, if you've run out of ideas how to check a file, you can still use an online HEX editor like this to look into a file, quite literally.