E.B.O.N.Y. - Hall Of Fame !




Level 75




Fastest players - 1 Temporary End:





4. Lewp

5. Ben M., Dallas H., Kailey D.

6. Samantha Woon



Fastest players - 4 Temporary Ends:





4. Lewp

5. Werseter

6. Rashcan



Reaching 4 Temporary Ends:


BnA, Samantha Woon, Gonçalo Santos, MTatt100, Martini, MischuAnubis, Rosie, Veilos, Gamergod88, JeT, Formalhaut aka Apus, Peerless, TheRealSukeena, Radium_Soulghost, Teixeira, icylightning, Coldkick, Ferelli, BeyPokéDig, Mivro, Charlh_bld, Absepton, Fsharp, Jake Andrews, Riley, Jo Sinke, Julian102104, Serenityue, Lin, LollipopWut, Matt C, Pacert, Poot Howell, One Person/Eu2840, itsGr4yscale, Grayscale, Sarabeth/famlmnop, Ghostrdagon/Wolf40/y_prime/NinthLyfe, Queen aka DazedConfused, Daniel Qu, Willow_Orbfluid, Heiterkeit



Reaching at least one Temporary End:


Tapan, Silenced Evil, Dennis Chiu, LinR, Marc Felipe, Tausend, Wai, Averso, Garrett Tobbin, Fyera, Joan RB, De Aga Helio, Interrobang, Michi, Kompa, Atzuris, Parukia, Helphelp11, The Dude, RL, Nataut Monaikul, Visp, Tia, Crystal Rose, Silyah246, FGBlade, Albertaalberto, Mathieu Romano, Tsuchiki, Nathan, Neehiko, MrBlister, Clotilde, Chochi Rain, Farah Soliman aka HumanBean, Kiraneko, EnyaVil, Amborgesa, Hyacinthus, Aria, alpha█, Tidus Bot, ManReds08, Telebotz



Insane Twisted Player Award:


Aaragn, Bna, Gonćalo Santos, Lewp, Chipper256, Rashchan, Werseter, MTatt100, Martini, Veilos, Gamergod88, Interrobang, Ralendyn, Coldkick, Ferelli, Formalhaut aka Apus, BeyPokéDig, Mivro, Absepton, Queen aka DazedConfused, Riley, Matt C, One Person/Eu2840, JeT, icylightning, itsGr4yscale, Ghostrdagon/Wolf40/y_prime/NinthLyfe, Sarabeth/famlmnop, Willow_Orbfluid, Radium_Soulghost, Heiterkeit, Charlh_bld, Grayscale








1. Unambiguously offensive nicknames are excluded.

2. Players who became devs later are essentially excluded from the Hall of Fame.

3. Players who became beta testers later have been excluded from the Hall of Fame since the link for the beta test version was received.

4. Apart from the lists of the fastest players, the names are not in chronological order.

5. Should you have any issues, such as
- you have been left out of the list,
- you appear on a wrong list,
- your name is misspelled,
- you gave a different name,
- due to privacy reasons, you don't want to appear on this list,
send an email to the address can be only found on Temporary End pages.

6. If you're playing as a team (which is absolutely okay and fun, too), it's worth considering the use of a team name.

7. If you don't know what "Insane Twisted Player" means, just ignore that section ^_^

8. Some of the older Hall of Fames are archived. Later there might be a section about those who have ever reached Temporary Ends (and for those who have reached them the fastest). If you do not want to appear on any of these lists, send me an email to the address shown on the Contact page.