Aneninen - Riddle Creation, Art & Design, Story, Musique, Graphics, Orange eating & 4-letter-word screaming


Necrophorus - Testing, Html Correction, Alt. Logic 404 Spotting


Coldkick - The video version of the intro; ideas & suggestions; web hosting and management


Ferelli - Ideas & suggestions


Nauryl - Typo and Language correction Level48-53, additional html advices


Delira - Typo and Language correction Level1-47, Image of Yxonumei


Leni - The Cat on Level19


Cindy & Csoves - Two Kitties on Level45


Xx-Charm - Image of Th-Ts, Photos for certain levels


Luna D. VeilWalker - Image of Sukeena


Black - Image of Samara


Chi - Image of Max


*Tears* - Image of Laura


The image of Muxus is from the Another World remake; webpage can be found here


Some of the background musique files are covers; the original authors are shown in the source code of the next level compared to the one where the cover appears. (Reason: that piece of information would help to solve the particular level)


Some musique files of the intro uses samples which have an unknown origin. (Reason: though originally I composed the songs I used; they are more than 15 years old. In that era everyone used any kind of sample which was available and noone cared about the sources. However, I'm almost sure that one of them is from Madness - Seven Year Scratch.)



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