Disclaimer: a lot of time has passed since E.B.O.N.Y. was launched. There are certain people who were helping in the very beginning, but we lost contact with each other during these years. If you are one of them, and you want to be shown on this list, drop me an email.
(This is happening because of data protection reasons, which didn't exist when the game was launched.)

Aneninen - Riddle Creation, Art & Design, Story, Musique, Graphics, Orange eating & 4-letter-word screaming.

Coldkick - The video version of the intro, ideas & suggestions, web hosting and management, additional coding, text edition

Ferelli - Ideas & suggestions, additional coding, text edition, language & grammar check

Davie Gore - Ideas & suggestions, beta testing managing the new Facebook group, search engine de-optimization (no kidding!)

Meilicious - Ideas & suggestions, beta testing

BeyPokéDig - "Honorable" beta tester ^_^

Leni - The Cat on Level19

Cindy & Csoves - Two Kitties on Level47

Luna D. VeilWalker - For your information, she's Sukeena ^_^

The image of Muxus is from the Another World remake; webpage can be found here

Some background musique files are covers; the original authors are shown in the source code of the next level after the one where the cover appears. The same goes for certain texts and pictures.

Some musique files of the intro use samples of unknown origin. (Though I composed the songs I used for that, some of them are more than 20 years old. In that era everyone used any kind of sample which was available and no one cared about the sources. However, I'm almost sure that one of them is from Madness - Seven Year Scratch.)

If you think you've been left out, email me.

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